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Enter the world of pain and humiliation
Foot Fetish and Trampling

You've been a bad boy. You've gone your whole life making others' lives hell and telling them what to do. Now it's time to relinquish that control and submit to me. Give me the reigns. I'll take you on a journey you will never forget. Worship my beautiful delicate soul crunching feet. You deserve to be under them massaging, smelling, and being teased by them.

Golden Showers
Cock and Ball Torture
Humiliation, Pegging, Flogging

Drink my luscious golden nectar, that sweet fine honey that drips ever so slowly from my beautiful flower as you worship every drop. Beg for it. The liquid that was once inside me now pulsing in your body, giving you life. Giving you a reason to live. Simply to worship your mistress.

And as you lay there helpless, meaningless, I take full control over you. What once made you a man now makes you weak. I have you wrapped around my finger. And it's with a flick to your manhood that now has you curled up into a little ball. I like watching you suffer.

After verbally abusing you and making you feel like the worthless scum you are, I take out my flogger. Hopefully I won't break this one like the last on your tight bum. I spank you multiple times, giving a countdown to each. Making it so you're in anticipation. I chuckle as you flinch when I get to number three but I don't strike you. I love toying with you and now I have conditioned your mind to respond to every verbal cue I give. Your are now under my control. You have been beaten into submission by Goddess Sandra. 

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